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1930 K-50

This one has a great story behind it.  It's a 1930 Model K-50 / 8 HP - Serial Number 149498

1930 Johnson K-50 8 HP - s/n 149498

Here's the Story!

My wife and myself were in northern MN where we rented a cabin and spent a week on the edge of the Boundary Waters.  I went into town one day and drove by an elder gentleman offering mowers, snowblowers and outboard engines.  He had a couple of mid 50's Johnson's on display, but of course I had to ask where the 'junk pile' was, and if there could possibly be something interesting in it?  He responded with "Ahh, you want an old one...follow me out back".  He started walking away with his unfortunately cataract ridden poodle. The dog ran into the door jamb, but then corrected it's course - so I did what I was told and followed him out back.

The old man pointed to a tiny tin Sears storage shed, and said he thought there was an old one in there somewhere, but I would have to dig around to see.  After moving several bicycles and other various items, I found it laying on its side in the dirt.  As soon as I said "I think I found it", the man knew he had me.  We agreed on a price and I took it back to the cabin - after putting all the items back in the Sears shed.  My wife simply cited that this was further proof of my ridiculous obsession with outboards, and tolerated the grease and dirt for the rest of the vacation - and the ride home.

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