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1953 CD-10

This one also comes with an interesting story...
It's a 1953 Model CD-10 5.5 HP - Serial Number 1098997

1953 Johnson CD-10 5.5 HP - s/n 1098997

Here's the Story!

When I first started collecting outboards, a co-worker figured I may be interested in this 'old one' that he had procured from a friend. I agreed, and purchased the motor and tank at a very reasonable price. I used it a few times to push me around, and then sold it thinking that making a few dollars may be a good idea.

Well, after selling it off I had sellers' remorse big time - and I really missed this one. I had also parted ways with the company I was working for at the time, and had lost track of the friend that I purchased it from. Needless to say, I made it my mission to get it back. I contacted the fellow that had purchased it, and he said that he had not used it much due to it being a little small for his 14' fishing boat. I traded 3 motors to him in order to get this one back - and I have no intention of ever letting it go again!

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