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West Bend "Shrimp"

I only have one West Bend motor in the collection, and it also had a fun story attached to it.
It's a 1962 Shrimp (2201) 3.5 HP - Serial Number 1027

1962 West Bend Shrimp 3.5 HP - s/n 1027

Here's the Story!

In the early days of collecting motors (early 1990's), I purchased a set of four motors at once - of which I only wanted one. This motor was not one that I saw any value in at the time. My brother-in-law was looking for something small to put on a rubber boat to take the kids fishing with. I set him up with this one and he soldered the gas tank up (it had a small crack and would leak fuel when sitting still).

Several years went by, and my brother-in-law never got around to using the motor after fixing it up. Upon a recent visit, I mentioned that if he was ever in the mood to sell the motor off that I would like to reserve the right of first refusal if possible. He agreed, and I didn't hear anything about the motor for several more months. He drew my name from the gift pool for Christmas 2009, and surprised me greatly with a gift of a wonderful little outboard - this one!

Given that it's the only 'West Bend' motor currently in my collection, I think I'll hang on to this one this time...

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